20mm Linear Wetroom Kit Complete System Waterproof Watertight Design

Size: 900mm x 900mm x 20mm
Grate Design: Droplets Grate
Sale price£224.99


Introducing the 20mm Linear Wetroom Kit Complete System & Fast Flow waste by Nassboards, the leaders in Professional Wet Room Systems.

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Nassboards are proud to bring to you a quick and stress-free solution to renovating your shower or bathroom, providing you with a watertight shower base that won't let you down. Easy to install and with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, Nassboards stands behind its Wetroom Linear Shower Wetroom Kit.

Easy Installation
The 20mm Thick Linear Wetroom Kit Complete System by Nassboards provides you with a easy to install shower waterproofing kit. Perfect for DIY-ers, builders and plumbers, this kit features a ready-made gradient, and everything necessary to install with confidence and zero stress. The tray is coated with a cement layer which provides a perfect surface to tile direct to using Porcelain, Stone, or Mosaic style, or however you prefer. The tray itself can be installed on chipboard, ply or concrete substrates. With our kit, you can achieve that modern walk in shower look rather than with a typical white acrylic tray.

Available In Many Sizes
With Nassboards, there's a size of shower tray and preference of drain location for everyone's tastes and preferences. As well as different sizes of base, you can get a different style of grate for different style showers and wetrooms.

The Full Kit
The Shower Tray is easy to move thanks to the lightweight yet robust materials (around 7kg) and can be trimmed to fit. Each Wetroom Kit includes 5 Metres Membrane Paint, Acrylic Primer, 5 x Metres Waterproof Tape, 2 x Internal Corners, Silicone, Brush, Gloves, Full Instructions and a Metal Grate of your choice.

XPS Core
All of our wetroom trays are XPS quality, meaning that they are totally waterproof and reinforced with 4 layers of mesh on the tray for extra strength. Nassboards guarantees you satisfaction every time.

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