Black Jack 905 All-Weather Roof Coating with Brush & Gloves

Size: 5 Litres
Sale price£25.99


Introducing the 905 All-Weather Roof Coating and Bonus Protective Gloves and Applicator Brush, brought to you by Nassboards.

Next Day Delivery
All Orders placed before 1.30pm Monday to Friday will be sent Next day delivery free of charge!

Take your next home renovation to the next level with this Roof Coating and bonus gift of protective gloves and a 3-inch brush.

905 All-Weather Roof Coating is a fiber-reinforced bitumen compound that provides a highly-effective roof coat that is resistant to wash off by the elements. It also acts as a vapour barrier on walls and roofs, that is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Dries Fast
Nassboards 905 All-Weather Roof Coating features a drying time of just 24 hours! Unlike other, lower-quality Roof Coating, our Jack Black 905 Roof Coating facilitates a faster drying time to allow you to spend less time waiting, and more time enjoying your newest home renovation.

Your Nassboards 905 Roof Coating has been specially formulated to be resistant to wash-off by rain almost as soon as is applied, allowing you to fearlessly embark on your next D.I.Y. project without fear leaks on those rainy days.

Bonus Gift
With your purchase, you will not only receive a can of 905 Roof Coating, but also a free bonus gift of protective gloves and a 3-inch brush! We here at Nassboards want to make sure that your application and protection are as professional as your finished product.

DonÕt Delay, Get your Nassboards 905 All-Weather Roof Coating, With Bonus Gloves and Application Brush, While Supplies Last

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