503 SBR Bond - Bonding Agent and Admixture

Size: 25 Litres
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Introducing the 503 SBR Bond and Bonus Nassboards Protective Gloves & Brush brought to you by Nassboards.

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Take your next home renovation to the next level with this 503 SBR Bond and bonus gift of protective gloves.

Protection You Can Trust
503 SBR Bond is a latex based, water resistant bonding agent and admixture for use in areas subject to humidity, dampness and continuous water contact. It improves water resistance of cement mixtures by forming a reinforcing polymer that increases long-term durability and flexibility of the mix on renderings and floor screeds. From humidity, dampness, continuous water exposure, frost and even chemical exposure, your 503 SBR Bond is ready to protect.

In conjunction with protecting almost any surface from environmental damage, this 503 SBR Bond also functions as an excellent adhesive! From dense concrete, steel tiles, screeds, or renders, this SBR Bond works to adhere even the toughest of materials.

Dependable Durability
This 503 SBR Bonding Compound is not adversely affected in wet conditions. This means it's absolutely ideal for outdoor use, or to bond and/or protect outdoor surfaces that come into frequent contact with rain, humidity, or even frost!

Size Options
No matter the size of your next DIY project, 503 SBR Bond comes in a size to match! With the ability to choose between 5L and 25L bottle, you will never have to be intimidated by the size of your next DIY project, ever again! Bonus Gift
With your purchase, you will not only receive your 503 SBR Bond, but also a free bonus gift of protective gloves! We here at Nassboards want to make sure that your application and protection are as professional as your finished product.

Don't Delay, Get your 503 SBR Bond Compound, With Bonus Nassboards Gloves, Today While Supplies Last!

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