Vinyl Wetroom Tray and Waste Kit System with Chrome Finish

Size: 900 x 900mm
Sale price£179.99


Nassboards are proud to bring to you a quick and stress-free solution to renovating your shower or bathroom, and providing a waterproof and watertight vinyl shower tray that won't let you down. Easy to install, and with a 100% customer satisfaction lifetime warranty, Nassboards stands behind its Wetroom Vinyl Shower Tray Kit.

Easy Installation
The Wetroom Shower Vinyl Tray Kit provides you with a easy to install shower waterproofing kit. Perfect for DIY-ers, builders and plumbers, this kit comes with an easy to follow instruction kit, so you can install your shower with confidence and zero stress. Perfect for laying down on a concrete or wooden base with ease, so that you can fix or lay your own vinyl floor covering. Note that the Vinyl Shower Tray is not suitable for tiling on.

Available In Many Sizes
With Nassboards, there's a size of shower tray and preference of drain location for bathrooms of all sizes. We have a range of sizes to suit your wetroom and all drain locations are central offset if you require a image of drain locations please email and we will be happy to send to you. The base can also be trimmed by up to 150mm of the waste drain if necessary.

The Full Kit
The shower tray bases are quick and easy to install and can be fitted easily by a Builder, Plumber or Diyer. The tray is 22mm in thickness and easy to move thanks to the lightweight yet robust materials used (around 7kg) and can be trimmed to fit. The Wetroom Shower Vinyl Tray Kit includes only the tray and waste drain vinyl floor trap. For the Complete Kit with membrane paint, waterproof tape, acrylic primer and tools, search for the Complete Vinyl Tray Kit by Nassboards.

GPM Plastic
All of our wetroom trays are crafted with high quality GPM Plastic, meaning that they are totally waterproof and provide superior strength and rigidity, and will accomodate up to 100st or 635kg as well as excellent water integrity with comfort and safety underfoot. With Nassboards, we guarantee you satisfaction every time.

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