Anti-Crack Membrane Waterproof Matting 5m, 20m, 30m, Grey Fleece

Size: 20m
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Introducing the Decoupling Membrane Fleece Matting, brought to you by Nassboards, the experts in Kitchen, Bathroom & Wetroom Waterproofing and Tiling.

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For anti-crack protection and prevention to your wall and floor tiling all year round, look to Nassboards for quality and reliability with our easy to use, Premium Decoupling Membrane Fleece. The product will not lift the height much in comparison to othe decoupling membranes as the matting is 2mm in thickness.

Why Use Our Matting?
All materials expand and contract with extreme changes in temperature. Each material varies in how much they move, and these differences create stresses that can be disastrous to tiled surfaces, causing it to expand the floor which can then lead to weak points, and can cause cracks in grout joints, or even cause tiles to debond. Our Membrane Matting can prevent this damage caused and any stress and costly consequences.

The Science Behind It
Nassboard's Anti-crack Membrane Matting reduces the risk of these forces damaging your floor tiles through the fleece layer. The fleece layer on the matting provides a protective barrier between your tiled surface and the floor substrate. As the floor slowly moves, the fleece will decouple from the waterproof layer of the mat, and allow the floor to move but not the tiles, preventing any cracking while maintaining the 100% waterproof protection.

Two Sizes, Versatile Design
Our Matting is available at 1m x 5m, or larger areas at 1m x 20m or 30m. Our product includes instructions to help you lay the matting down for best results, and it's suitable for both waterproofing as well as electric underfloor heating. Suitable on substrates such as concrete, wood, and tiles, plaster, fibre board, tile backer board and calcium sulphate screed. Once fixed to the substrate the surface can be tiled to immediately with Ceramic, Quartz, Porcelain or Natural Stone tiles.

Enjoy quality and peace of mind all year round with Nassboards Premium Anti-crack Membrane Matting Kit.

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