Nassboards, Electric Desk Heater 1500w - Energy Saving Heating Unit, 1512

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Bring Comforting Heat Into Your House with the Nassboards 1500w Electric PTC Ceramic Fan Heater.

With its easy to use design, lightweight portability and prevention safety features, this heater is the right addition to any home.

Fast Heat Delivery
With the Nassboards 1500w Electric Ceramic Heater, you can heat up any room in your house quickly, quietly, and comfortably. The advanced technology of this heater requires little to no time to emit warm air, and with its oscillating movement, the heat is evenly distributed throughout your room.

Efficient Heating
This Electric PTC Ceramic Heater is self-regulating with an internal thermostat and controlled temperature settings so you donÕt have to worry that it will run for hours on end and rack up your electricity bill. As soon as the surrounding environment reaches the temperature you desire, the heater will automatically turn off and proceed to kick back on when needed.

Each setting on this heater has an easy to understand icon representing each feature. The rotating control knobs make this heater easy to adjust and easy to operate.

Safety First
Safety is always a priority for us here at Nassboards. ThatÕs why this electric heater includes both tilt protection and overheating automatic shut off features. If in any case, the heater falls over or reaches temperatures above the programmed level, it will instantly stop the flow of hot air, preventing damage or fire hazards.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
We want you to be fully satisfied with your purchase but if for any reason you are unhappy with our PTC Ceramic Electric Heater, please contact us so we can make it right.

Order your Nassboards 1500W PTC Ceramic Electric Heater today, while supplies last!

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