Larsen Fibre Reinforced Leveller 20kg Flexible 3-50mm depth - Fast-Drying, Professional

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This cement-based reinforced leveller has been made with professionally-formulated and fast-setting features with a quality only found with Larsen, brought to you by Nassboards.


Larsen Rapid Set Flexible Fibre Reinforce Leveller boasts the name 'rapid set' with good reason! After just 2-4 hours it is ready for foot traffic, enabling you to spend your precious time on more important projects, and less time waiting for cement to dry.

For Commercial & Domestic Use
This Rapid-Set Reinforced Leveller is approved for both your domestic and commercial projects. Thanks to its high-quality professional grade composition, it is an excellent choice for: offices, dwellings, schools, hospitals, airports, etc. or anything else that needs to be levelled.

High-Quality Formulation
This Reinforced Leveller has been created with a controlled blend of special sands, cements and synthetic polymers to give a high-quality flooring product which is self-levelling and smoothing.

This extra-durable leveller can be used for levelling of up to 50mm is required or for use over underfloor heating and on more difficult substrates, e.g. timber. Although it does not provide a wearing finish it does provide an ideal surface to receive resilient floor finishes including: carpet, natural stone, ceramic tiles, vinyl, resin coatings, and more!

Larsen Rapid Set Flexible Fibre Reinforced Leveller comes in 20kg Multi-Wall Paper Sacks, which are guaranteed to cover a space of 3m2 with a thickness spread of 5mm. Get more bang for your buck, and never worry about running out of leveller on your next home improvement project.

Don't Delay, Get Your Rapid Set Flexible Fibre Reinforced Leveller, While Limited Supplies Last!

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