Sandstone Sealer, 5 Litre, Colour Enhancing Impregnating Larsen Sealant for Stone

Size: 1 Litre
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Nassboards Larsen Impregnating Enhanced Colour Sealer

For A High Quality, Deep Penetrating Sealant That Protects Your Stone Paving Against Stains & The Elements

A Professional, Affordable Kit
Introducing the Larsen Impregnating Enhanced Colour Sealer brought to you by Nassboards, the experts in house and home DIY improvement and renovation.

For a high quality and affordable sealant that will protect against stains, repelling water and dirt, look to Nassboards and their Larsen Enhanced Colour Sealant.

Once applied, the sealant leaves a clear, protective coat that enhances the colour of the stone.

Protection Against The Elements

Keep your patio, driveway and even your stone floors indoors looking as good as the day you bought them with this easy to use sealant.

Penetrating deep into the pores of the stone, the solvent-based sealant acts fast to provide unbeatable protection, enhancing the stoneÕs capability to withstand any harsh weather and damaging UV rays.

Suitable for Many Types of Stone

The Larsen Colour Enhancing Sealant is designed for using with Indian sandstone, Limestone, York Stone, Granite, Natural Sandstone as well as general paving slabs. Brush or Roller applied, cover approx. 10 to 15 metres of surface area with just one coat, and dries to touch in just a few hours.

The Larsen Colour Enhancing Sealant will leave your pavestones water resistant, making it perfect for patios, driveways, indoors and outdoors, in showers, fountains and washbasins

For Best Results, Buy from Nassboards!

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