Premium Pro Fast Flow 35 Litre Wetroom, Shower Tray System

Size: 1200 x 900 x 25mm
Type: Centre with Installation Kit
Sale price£179.99


Introducing Nassboards Premium Pro Fast Flow Shower System, Waterproofing and Installation Kit

The quick and easy way to renovate your shower, bathroom or wetroom, providing a waterproof and watertight shower base that won’t let you down.

Renovations Made Easy
This Premium Pro Fast Flow Shower System by Nassboards makes it easy to waterproof your shower whether you are renovating it or constructing it from scratch. With everything that you need included, this professional quality kit is easy to install and will thoroughly prepare your shower floor for tiling with porcelain, stone, or mosaic.

Fast Flow
This shower system allows a fast flow of 35 litres of water drainage per minute. This efficient drainage system ensures that water flows away quickly and prevents the accumulation of standing water and any risk of water damage. Always check the compatibility of your shower head flow and your drain capacity.

A Seal You Can Trust
This quality kit ensures a watertight seal, preventing any irreparable water damage to your home. The Nassboards Waterproofing Kit includes one 5kg tub of membrane paint, 10 metres of self-adhesive waterproof tape, two internal corners, acrylic primer, seam roller and paint roller.

Complete Shower Kit
The complete shower system and installation kit includes one 30mm thick shower tray with choice of size, waste drain system with all necessary parts included, stainless steel grill grate, installation hardware and instructions.

XPS Quality
All of our wetroom trays are XPS quality, meaning that they are totally waterproof and reinforced with 4 layers of mesh on the tray for extra strength. Our product will maintain integrity for many years. With Nassboards, we bring you satisfaction every time.

Order your Nassboards Premium Pro Fast Flow Shower System and Waterproofing Kit today, while supplies last!

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