Larsen Path & Patio Sealer- Clear-Drying, High-Performance Water Seal, Clear

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This Larsen Path & Patio Seal, brought to you by Nassboards, has been professionally formulated to protect your outdoor areas, all while drying clear, and without harmful odours

Patio Protection

The Larsen Path & Patio Seal was formulated with a water-based acrylic coating used to seal and protect patios, paths, natural stone, concrete and block paving from the effects of sunlight, water, oil, petrol and fungal/moss growth, so that you can rest easy knowing that your favourite outdoor space is fully protected.

Crisp & Clean Appearance
Featuring a clear-drying application, the slight sheen looks beautiful on stone paths, and even provides resistance from water, oil and scuff marks! Keep your beloved outdoor space luminous and mark free with this Larsen Path & Patio Seal.

Not only does Larsen's Path & Patio seal keep your patio protected from the elements, but it also makes your patio much easier to clean. This Path & Patio Seal also acts as a dust proofer to help facilitate cleaning, and with its high-performance fungicide you won't have to worry about fungus growth either.

No Harmful Odours
Unlike other products that may release an offensive and (often times) harmful odour, Larsen's Path and Patio Sealer has been professionally formulated water-base, to ensure that your D.I.Y. project goes as smoothly as this Sealant's application, without any dangerous or offensive odours.

Don't Delay, Get Your Larsen Path & Patio Seal Today, While Limited Supplies Last!

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