Pro Mesh + Decoupling Membrane for Newly Laid Floors Anti-Crack

Size: 5m Pro Mesh
Sale price£54.99


This Nassboards Pro Mesh + Decoupling Membrane has been specially created to protect, support and sound-proof your newly-laid floors.

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Pro Mesh + Is Designed for Difficult floors

Pro Mesh + Decoupling Membrane this decoupling which has the improved Mesh applied to the Standard decoupling membrane designed for more difficult floors allowing the tile adhesive to bond to the decoupling and mesh to make sure the tile adhesive will not come away even with floors with more movement than normal.
When the substrate beneath your newly laid floors moves, due to either natural or environmental causes, it can lead to cracking in your floor tile. Skip the destruction of your new floors and keep them fully protected from foundational and substrate shifts with Nassboards Pro Mesh + Decoupling Membrane.

Quick & Easy Application
Nassboards Pro Mesh + Decoupling Membrane has never been quicker, or easier to layand is easy to use typiclly fixed with cement based tile adhesive, it is both easy-to-handle and easy-to-use. No need for a professional application, do it all yourself at home with professional results without the professional price tag!

Suitable for a Variety of Uses
Whether your floors are wood, or concrete, or you are looking for underfloor heating, or looking to lay porcelain, stone, or mosaic tile, this Decoupling Membrane is sure to keep all floors protected from foundational damage.

This Pro Mesh + Decoupling Membrane from bridges cracks, and alleviates stress, keeping your newly laid floors protected and supported from foundational and substrate shifts, keeping your newly laid floors gorgeous and looking like new!

Not only does this Decoupling Membrane absorb lateral movements, protecting your floors from cracks and other damages, but it also absorbs unwanted noise to aid in soundproofing, keeping your floors protected from the elements and noise pollution!

Don’t Delay, Get Your Nassboards Decoupling Membrane Today, While Limited Supplies Last!

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