Larsen Pro Standard Set Flex - Wall & Floor Tile Adhesive - Indoor & Outdoor

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This cement-based adhesive has been made with professionally-formulated flexible, non-slip, fast setting, sealant features quality only found with Larsen, brought to you by Nassboards

Whether you are trying to adhere ceramic, ceramic, porcelain, glass, mosaic tiles, or to seal gypsum plasters or screeds prior to the addition of cement-based adhesives, Larsen Pro standard Set Flex is versatile enough to work on almost any surface, indoor or outdoor!

Extra Durable
Featuring a professionally developed formula to ensure a non-slip, and quick-drying surface, this Larsen Pro Standard Set Flex is guaranteed to keep even your heaviest tiles secured to the floor or wall, inside and out!

Polymer Modified
With a highly polymer fortified adhesive formula designed for fixing most types of tiles. It is suitable for use in more demanding areas including swimming pools, large format wall tiles or timber substrates.

Larsen Pro Standard Set Flex is ready for light foot traffic and grouting after just 18 hours, and ready for full foot traffic after a mere 24 hours! Its quick-dry time makes it the only option for anyone looking for a quick and easy, fuss-free tile adhesive project.

Larsen Rapid Set Flexible Tile Adhesive is suitable for beds of 3-6mm, up to 12mm in small isolated areas, interior and/ or external use, as well as floor and wall applications. Adhere the tile in your bathroom, the kitchen back-splash, and your outdoor tile, all with one single product! Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor applications, this adhesive is sure to get the job done.

Don't Delay, Get Your Larsen Pro Standard Set Flex Today, While Limited Supplies Last!

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