Shower Niche Sleek Design - Tileable Shelf, Wet Room Alcove Recess, Waterproof Storage

Size: 326 x 216 x 88 mm
Sale price£39.99


Introducing Nassboards Shower Niche, the Perfect Waterproof Shelving Unit for your Shower or Wet Room.

This durable, waterproof Shower Niche is the best quick and easy way to add extra shelf space and a touch of modern to any shower, bathroom or wetroom.

Renovations Made Easy
This Shower Niche by Nassboards makes it easy to add extra space to your shower whether you are renovating it or constructing it from scratch. This fully waterproof shelf comes pre-constructed and ready for installing and tiling with porcelain, stone, or mosaic.

Built Tough
This shower niche is made of lightweight yet durable materials to make bathroom renovations easy and long lasting. Made of extruded polystyrene core coated on either side with a thin robust layer of fibreglass, reinforced polymer concrete and coated with waterproof membrane paint.

Easy Installation Project
At Nassboards, we want you to feel prepared and confident for your next project. That’s why we built this shower niche ready to be installed. This shelf is fully sealed and watertight so you can quickly set it in place and tile it to suit your modern bathroom style. Easily join the niche to the construction boards and seal watertight and vapor-proof with the included waterproof tape.

Find the Perfect Size
We have multiple size options available so you can be sure to find the shower niche that is just right for your shower or wet room. Each shower niche is made with 12mm thick board and will fit wall cavities 100mm or deeper.

XPS Foam
Our Shower Niche is made from strong and durable 100% waterproof and leak-proof XPS Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Foam material. This niche is made sturdy enough so it will not bend or break under normal use and will last for many years to come when properly installed.

Order your Nassboards Shower Niche today, while supplies last!

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