Larsen Stone & Grout Protector - Clear-Drying, High-Performance, Stain Resistant

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This Larsen Stone & Grout Protector has been professionally formulated to protect your outdoor areas, all while drying clear, and without harmful odours

Full- Protection

Whether you are looking to protect grout, tile, natural stone, or any other naturally porous surface, Larsen Stone & Grout Protector helps to keep stone protected from water marks, scuff marks, as well as oil-stains! Keep your natural stone protected from the elements without colour interference.

Unobtrusive to Colour
Larsen Stone & Grout Protector is an advanced, water-based surface protector, professionally-formulated from fluoropolymers. Unlike other, lower-quality products, the appearance of the impregnated surface remains almost totally unchanged!

Apply in a thin layer uniformly with a cloth, brush or sponge and allow to penetrate for approximately 15-30 minutes. Then remove all excess product from the surface with a clean lint-free cloth. Very porous surfaces may require further treatments as above. Should any product remain on the surface, remove by further buffing with a clean cloth. No need to worry about professional application as LarsenÕs Stone & Grout Protector keeps your D.I.Y. projects easy and simple.

Larsen's Stone & Grout Protector is not only easy to apply, but quick to dry! It is so ready for use, that surfaces can be walked on after 6 hours and fully trafficked after 2-3 days.

Depending on the level of foot traffic your treated stone receives, Larsen Stone & Grout Protector can keep your porous surfaces protected from 5-10 years!

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