Tile Backer Board - Carbide Cutting Tool

Pack: 1 Carbon Cutter
Sale price£15.99


DURABLE DESIGN: This Nassboards Scoring Cutter features a carbide scalpel for extra durability with a total of 3 tungsten carbide tips for scoring. Rest easy knowing your scalpel is durable to cut through almost anything and everything without breaking

IDEAL CUTTING TOOL: This Carbide Scoring Cutter is ideal for straight cutting straight lines through cement boards and even acrylic! Cut through the toughest of boards with complete confidence in your Carbide Scoring Cutter

COMFORTABLE FIT: The durable plastic handle ensures a comfortable and safe grip in the hand to ensure your upmost safety. Cut through all of the toughest substances while keeping your hands safe and protected throughout the process

TOUGH CUTTER: This Nassboards Carbide Scoring Cutter can cut through cement boards up to 12 mm thick! Not only does this cut through 12mm cement well, but has been known to slice through other tough substances like acrylic as well, allowing you to cut through almost anything

VERSATILE USE: Although originally designed for use by contractors, this Carbide Scoring Cutter is also an ideal option for use by DIY-ers for various home improvement projects! Get a professional quality final product without the professional cost


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