Touch Screen GLS Thermostat - Air & Floor Sensors, 7 Day Programmable with Simple Installation and Slimline Design

Type: Color
Thermostat Color: Black
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Introducing the Touch Screen GLS Thermostat brought to you by Nassboards. This easy to use, wireless and elegant looking thermostat has one touch temperature control override, a large backlit display, 7 day programmable technology, key lock facility, and a large LCD screen.

Simple to Use Sophisticated Technology
The Thermostat, brought to you by Nassboards is easy to use despite its advanced features such as a 7 day programming function, power protection in case of power failures, and internal and external sensors that can control both air and/or floor temperatures by -/+1℃ of pre-set temperatures.

Practicality with Contemporary Design
With a sleek and elegant design, your GLS Thermostat delivered to you by Nassboards has a slim line design, a large LCD display and a quality flush mounting. Furthermore, Nassboards brings this Thermostat in either black or white models so it can blend into light or dark interiors.

  • Key Lock Facility
  • Quality Flush Mounting
  • Slim Line
  • Large LCD Screen
  • Air & Floor Sensors
  • 16 AMP Thermostat
  • Auto Calibration of room temperature
  • 7 Day Programmable
  • Power Protection to protect settings if a power failure

Don't Delay, get your GLS Electric Thermostat Today, While Stocks Last!

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