Waterproof Tanking Kit System WSK for Wetrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchens Wetrooms

Size: 5m Complete Tanking Kit
Sale price£37.99


Introducing the Waterproof Tanking Wetroom System Kit by Nassboards, the experts in Kitchen, Bathroom & Wetroom Waterproofing.

We at Nassboards have everything you need to provide secure, professional and stress-free protection to your walls and floors in your bathroom, shower, wet room or wet zone to prevent excessive moisture and water damage in your home.

A Professional, Affordable Kit
Our Kit provides you with the necessary tools to waterproof the walls and floors of your bathroom or wet room, providing a watertight membrane behind your tiles, preventing the build up of water or moisture that could cause irreparable damage.

Multi Surface Use
The Nassboards Tanking Kit can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, such as Plasterboard, MDF, Plywood, Cement Boards, Blockwork, Concrete and Specialist Wet Room Boards. Whatever the substrate of your wetroom, our Kit will do the job.

Standard or Large Sizes
We have two different sizes for different requirements of area. Our standard kit provides enough coverage to waterproof a 5m² area, or the Large size, which provides you with everything you need to waterproof an area measuring 8m².

Both Kits Include
• Waterproof Tanking Acrylic Primer (1L) – For use before applying Tanking Membrane & Tanking Tape
• Waterproof Tanking Membrane – Forms a permanently flexible watertight membrane, applied by brush, two coats
• Waterproof Tanking Tape (5m) Self adhesive joint & corner sealing tape. Easy to apply with pre-cut release liner
• 2x Internal Corners
• 1x Paint Brush
• Nassboards Wet Room System User Leaflet
• Nassboards White Silicone Sealant

Install or renovate your wetroom or shower fixture quickly and stress-free with the Professional Nassboards Waterproofing Kit by Nassboards

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