Waterproof Tanking Tape - Aqua Elastic Self Adhesive Butyl Joining, Sealing Tape

Size: 5m
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Introducing the Self Adhesive Butyl Tanking Tape for Wetrooms and Shower Rooms by Nassboards, the leaders in Kitchen, Bathroom & Wetroom Waterproofing and Tiling.

For extra protection against moisture and prevention of leaks in your bathroom and kitchen installations, look to Nassboards for quality and reliability with our easy to use, Self-adhesive Tanking Tape.

Leak Sealing Tape
When you've installed your new shower, or renovated your wetroom, any buildup of moisture, or even leaks, can cause irreparable damage to your good work. With this easy to use Waterproof Tanking Tape, you can be safe in the knowledge that your work won't be undone by water seeping through. Easy to use, and durable in design, this tape is a must have tool for both DIY enthusiasts and professional contractors.

Wall & Floor Ready
Nassboards's Waterproof Tanking Tape provides a protective barrier between your tiled surface and the substrate on your walls or even your floors. The tape is suitable for using on most substrates (Can be used with Tile Backers and Insulation Boards) and maintains 100% waterproof protection.

Outdoor Protection
Not just suitable for indoor use, this Waterproof Butyl Tanking Flexible Tape can be used on your roof, balconies, terraces and so on, to protect your home from the elements outside. Withstanding extreme temperatures, this tape is perfect for use on both the interior and exterior of your home.

Multiple Lengths
The tape is 85mm wide with a thickness of approximately 0.80mm, and is available in rolls in options of 5m, 10m, 15m or 20m or 40m. These would be sent as 5m rolls

eg 20m (4 x 5m rolls). 

Enjoy quality and peace of mind from unwanted leaks and moisture build up with Nassboards's Premium Waterproof Tanking Tape, with a 30 day warranty when you purchase with Nassboards!

Don't Delay, Buy Today!

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