WiFi Round Thermostat - Air & Floor Sensors, 7 Day Programmable with Simple Installation, Compatible with Alexa, WiFi Controlled via Tablet or Phone

Type: Color
Thermostat Color: Black
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Introducing the WiFi Round Thermostat brought to you by Nassboards. This easy to use, wireless and elegant looking thermostat has one touch temperature control override, a large backlit display and is compatible with home smart boxes delivered by Nassboards.

Simple to Use Sophisticated Technology
The WiFi Round Thermostat, brought to you by Nassboards, is easy to use despite its advanced features such as a Feather Touch Control Panel, room temperature auto calibration, and a one touch temperature control override. Furthermore, its internal and external sensors can control both air and/or floor temperatures by -/+1 of pre-set temperatures.

Practicality with Contemporary Design
With a sleek and elegant design, your Electric Thermostat delivered to you by Nassboards has an acrylic faceplate, a large, backlit display and a chrome frame. Furthermore, Nassboards brings this Thermostat in either black or white models so it can blend into light or dark interiors.

Compatible with Most Smart Boxes
Thanks to this Nassboards delivered product, you can wirelessly control this Electric Thermostat conveniently through smart boxes such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Siri. Get your home nice and cosy before you get home from work using the Thermostat App on your iPhone or Android, and combined with Google Voice, Alexa or Siri you can adjust the heating anywhere around the house with just your voice and a command

Comes Ready to Install
When you purchase this Electric Thermostat from Nassboards, it is immediately ready to be fitted as it comes with a Nassboards Installation Kit comprising of a screwdriver and a floor probe.

  • Designer Round Design
  • Can be used with Amazon Alexa
  • iPhone or Android
  • Easy to set up
  • Wifi controlled by Tablet or phone
  • Multi Rooms through App
  • Key Lock Facility
  • 7 Day Programmable
  • Air & Floor Sensors
  • 16Amp Thermostat
  • 3 Modes Facility
  • Power Loss Backup

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