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This SikaGard Universal 5-Star Wood Treatment is an all-in-one solvent-free treatment for wet rot, dry rot, fungi and wood boring insects, brought to you by Nassboards

Full- Protection
Whether you are looking protect against wood rot, decay, fungi, or wood boring insects, this 5-Star Universal Wood Treatment protects against them all, with just this one single product! Keep your indoor and outdoor wooden surfaces protected against a multitude of threats with this Universal 5-Star Wood Treatment.

Clear Application
This 5-Star Wood Treatment from Sikagard goes on, and dries clear so that you don’t have to worry about interfering with the natural beauty of your wooden surfaces. This 5-Star Wood Treatment does all of the heavy lifting to protect, without changing its natural appearance!

Sikagard’s Universal 5-Star Wood Treatment Has been approved for application on indoor, as well as outdoor surfaces! Keep all of your wooden surfaces protected from: sheds, garages, fencing and farm buildings, roof beams and joists, garden furniture, floorboards, window frames and doors. Sikagard’s 5-Star Wood Treatment is guaranteed to keep them protected and beautiful.

Easy to Apply
The D.I.Y. experts at Nassboards have created yet another at-home product with near-professional results! No need to spend extra money on a professional, this Universal 5-Star Wood Treatment can be easily applied by brush, spray, or even dipping.

Specially Formulated
The algaecides and fungicides present in Sikagard Universal 5-Star Wood Treatment formula have been finely dispersed. This means that the penetration of the wood, and its effectiveness are infinitely better than those other, lower-quality wood treatments.

Don’t Delay, Get Your Sikagard Universal 5-Star Wood Treatment Today, While Limited Supplies Last!


This Sikagard Universal 5-Star Wood Treatment protects against wood rot, decay, fungi, as well as wood boring insects! Keep your wooden surfaces protected from all of the elements, with this multi-use Wood Treatment from the home improvement experts at Nassboards!


This multi-purpose wood treatment applies and dries completely clear, eliminating any possible concerns about altering the natural wood surface of your wooden project. Sikagard’s Universal 5-Star Wood Treatment keeps your wood surfaces keeps them protected without altering the natural wooden beauty!


Sikagard’s Universal 5-Star Wood Treatment is approved for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you are looking to treat the wooden surface on your shed, garage fence, farm building, roof beams, and joists, garden furniture, floorboards, window frames or doors, this treatment does just the trick.


This 5-Star Wood Treatment is the ideal option for your next D.I.Y. project. Why pay for professional application, when you can get professional results, at-home for a fraction of the price? Sikagard’s Wood Treatment can be applied with a brush, by spray, or dripping.


The fungicides and algaecides present in this Universal 5-Star Wood Treatment have been finely dispersed, allowing for the wood penetration and effectiveness to be much more effective than those other, lower-quality competitors.


Ivory, White, Grey, Walnut, Taupe, Limestone, Jasmine, Beige, Silver Grey, Anthricite, Black


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