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Nass Board Tile Backer Boards

Ideal for two main purposes; as an excellent waterproofing surface to fix either wall or floor tiles and as a excellent heat insulation for underfloor heating systems.

Also suitable for waterproofing wet rooms and showrooms and will protect the floor from absorbing water.

Improve Your Insulation
The Nassboards Tile Backer Boards are a must have addition to your underfloor heating system, or just when laying down tiles or flooring. The insulative properties of the polysynthetic material of the Backer Boards speed up the heating process of your underfloor heating system, and help retain the heat after you turn off the heating. These Board Backers can even be used in wetrooms and shower rooms, thanks to their waterproof qualities.

Ample Sizing
Each pack of Tile Backer Boards that you purchase from Nassboards contains 10 sheets of Board Backers that measure 600mm x 1200mm (0.72m2), so in total you will receive enough material to cover 7.2m2 of floors or walls. Nassboards has on offer three different thicknesses, measuring 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm thick.

Perfect for Construction
The Nassboards Tile Backer Boards are suitable for any construction backing job, and can be used in any location thanks to their waterproof and sound proofing qualities. The Board Backers can be used on timber, concrete, and can withstand the weight of even the heaviest wall or floor tiles. The Nassboards Tile Backer Boards can withstand bulkier, heavier tiles to be securely fixed onto walls. Since they’re completely impermeable to water, they’re especially useful in areas vulnerable to damp and moisture. They’re the perfect option for anyone looking to tile their kitchen, bathroom or wetroom.

  • All boards are 1200 x 600 x 10mm
  • Tilebacker?boards are waterproof and a stable?substrate to tile
  • Ideal for wetrooms
  • Easy to carry – and light weight unlike large sheets of plywood.
  • Excellent sound insulation: impact sound is greatly reduced
  • Cuts with a knife. no need for a jigsaw
  • Will accept even?the heaviest wall tiles, unlike plasterboard.
  • 1 x Nass Board Cover 0.72 metres

When installing onto concrete sub floor we recommend using flexible tile adhesive, when installing onto wooden floors we recommend using tile adhesive and/or?screws and washers.


These Nassboard Tile Backer Boards are a must have addition to your underfloor heating kit, to add extra insulation and increase the energy efficiency of your underfloor heating system. Even if you don’t have underfloor heating, these Tile Backers are also great for placing underneath tiles to give extra insulation, reducing the coldness of the tiles on your feet in the morning. These Backer Boards are even suitable for installing in wetrooms and shower rooms


Not only an excellent material to combine with your underfloor heating system, the Tile Backer Boards by Nassboards are perfect for using in general construction. Available in 10mm thick and or 6mm thick, and each sheet measuring 600mm x 1200mm (total area covered by 10 sheets is 7.2m2) The 10 pack of Backer Boards can be used as an alternative to Ply in construction like boxing in, supporting even the heaviest of tiles and accommodating twice the weight of plasterboard


Made from high-quality polysynthetic materials, the Nassboards Tile Backer Boards are suitable for any construction backing job. They provide a waterproof surface to fix wall or floor tiles to, and even boast sound proofing qualities. The Board Backers are especially efficient when used with underfloor heating, as it helps increase the heat by up to 30% to 40% and retains the heat, too, thus improving the economic value of your underfloor heating


Each of the ten sheets of Tile Backers Boards are lightweight and versatile and can be installed with ease. You don’t need a jigsaw or any exspensive tools to cut or shape these Boards, you can easily cut them to size with a sharp knife. These boards can be installed on any surface, such as concrete or timber, improving insulation and greatly reducing the time it takes to heat up your floors and the running costs involved with underfloor heating


Every purchase that you make with Nassboards comes with a lifetime guarantee. We at Nassboards stand behind all of our products, so if at any point you are not happy with your product, get in touch with us so that we can issue a replacement or a refund at any point during the product’s use. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, so that you can enjoy a stress free experience when shopping with Nassboards


6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm

Pack Quantity

1 Piece, 10 Pieces


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